‘Right choice at the Right time is the Right of the child’

Aryans World School is constantly striving for all-round development of a child. Physical development is one of the most important aspect of it. Without proper physical health other developments like cognitive, social, etc are totally out of scene. Unfortunately, with the advent of urban concrete jungles, quality physical exercise in a restricted space is a big question mark for the parents. Survey suggests 90% of the CBSE schools do not have sufficient playgrounds and effective exercising equipment’s to suffice a proper physical development.

The foundation of the Aaryans Academy of Arts, Sports & Culture (AAASC) is developing on the same background. It has almost 36 types of activities, in which a child can choose and pursue. The activities are divided mainly in 3 categories Art, Sports and Culture. Pursuing a hobby is the next big thing in the coming competitive future, who knows a child’s hobby may one day lead to his successful career.

The accomplished trainers of AAASC will nurture their qualities and will shape their bright future. We give ample opportunities, so the child performs amongst many other schools and academies. Best in class venue and standard prescribed equipment’s is a speciality of AAASC.

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