Aaryans World School is a concept based experimental school. Each day is fun filled and a new experience for the child because the school emphasizes more on the overall development of the child then being just marks centered.

The national education policy now asks the school to lay more emphasis on curriculum rather than on syllabus.

Curriculum is a vast form which focuses on all the four developmental areas in a child where is syllabus is relatively a short term confined to academics only.


Educational Programme

The highlights of the educational programme:

  • Experimental Learning: Concept made easy to understand by converting them into role plays, dramas, first hand experiment etc.
  • Projects: The sole purpose of giving projects into reinforce whatever is taught. At AWS projects are done in school itself.
  • E-Cube: A specially designed programme for primary grades to imbibe moral values. It helps in taking care of EQ (Emotional Quotient) which is also a very important part of curriculum.

Competitive exams

School  conducts all the competitive exams like olympids , Scholarships, Homi Bhaba , Matrix etc.

Regular assessments & evaluation

A well crafted enriched evaluation process helps the parents to understand the progress of their ward.

Learning outside the 4 walls of the classrooms

The CBSE recommendation to teach in natural surroundings is fully excluded in AWS

Smart Class

The classrooms are updated with latest smart class which makes the learning easy and fun filled.


As per the school’s philosophy and belief in the shaping of the over all personality of the child, the co-curriculum areas along with 5 broad based academic areas are given a lot of emphasis.

Therefore the performing arts ( Dance, Drama and Indian & Western Music) and the visual arts (Painting , Sketching, Design, Sculptures) are an important part of the curriculum.
The children are exposed to different levels of interschool competitions in this particular areas.
The meticulous and hard working faculty is the core reason for the excellence.

  • Music Room Indian classical music along with Indian and western musical instruments are taught to the children.
  • Dance Room – Our children are well versed in Kathak, Bharat Natyam , Folk lore and take pride in representing the school in different Inter School competitions.
  • Art Room – Though a well equipped art lab in available for the students but aling with it they do a lot of art activities in the picturesque location of the school .
  • Trekking – It is an integral part of curriculum and all the students from grade 5th to 10th are made compulsory to trek to all 26 fort of Shivaji Maharaj. It gives an excellent opportunity to develop the life shills.